Gosh, after a week my throat’s still aching… When will I recover from this damn flu?
I hate it when it takes a long time to recover… it’s always like that. I guess virus has successfully beat my immune system this time. Hope i can recover without taking antibiotics.

Anyway, I finally spent some time to watch 24’s drama [I’m too busy downloading dramas, but haven’t watched any of them yet]. At first, I wanted to watch Summer Snow, because people said it’s a good drama and 24 won best actor award for that drama. But some people said it’s a sad ending drama [thanks to the spoiler I saw in one of SS’s reviews -_-]. I hate sad dramas… so I stopped at 2nd episode [besides I’m not a fan of his orange hair in this drama :p]. Then I wanted to watch Kindaichi’s Shanghai Mermaid [haven’t download it yet :P], but then again I already knew who the criminal is [again, thanks to the spoiler I saw in Domoto Kyoudai -___-‘], so I feel kinda lazy to download the movie, plus the size is huge [but 24 looks hot in that movie, what should I do?? XD].

In the end, I choose to watch To Heart. I have watched until 2nd episode, and already in love with this drama. Fukakyon’s character in this drama kinda creepy for me, if I were Yuji [24’s role], I wouldn’t want to hang out with this stalker girl. But Toko [Fukakyon’s role] is also a sweet girl who is dreaming of a true love before she died.

What I observed in this drama, Toko always talks to her phone whenever she feels sad or happy. I don’t know who she calls of who called her [this is what creeps me the most, is she talking to herself?!?! LOL XD]. 24’s role has a cold and serious character but very persistent and hard working [reminds me of his character in Moto Kare]. 24 looks so manly and hot, I love his hairstyle in this drama so I’m gonna continue watching it. I just hope that this is not a sad ending drama.

P.S.: Someone keeps asking me to change my FB profile picture. So I’m gonna say to him, “Hey, this is MY FB account and I can do whatever I want with it!”. God, I feel much better now :).