It’s been a while now. I haven’t update this blog since the beginning of 2010. What, the beginning of 2010? Wow, that’s like 10 months ago. I didn’t even realize that time has flown so fast.

A lot of interesting things happened in my life this last 10 months. I remember I wrote about my new year’s wish which was getting a “real” job. Alhamdulillah, I finally got what I want. I got accepted in a big Japan company (though the salary is not that “big”), but yeah I’m still thankful for that. Even though I’m happy that I finally earn my own money and all, but there are times that I feel extremely tired and bored with my job. Not that I feel ungrateful with my life, it’s just that there are ups and downs in our life, and I think it’s normal.

I have a new bias…He’s not cute or handsome, but something about this man that’s so unique. He has an extraordinary character, which makes him stands out. He has a weird personality like Heechul. He can draw, he has a bizarre fashion sense and he’s witty just like Heechul. Moreover he has the same AB type of blood with Heechul. He can be dorky, weird, gloomy yet poetic. One more thing… He is talented. God, funny and talented guys sure can melt my heart. He’s part of KinKi Kids, he is 244. I don’t know why, but somehow I can’t have 2 biases at the same time. I feel guilty for Minnie because I kind of neglected [?] him lately [LOL XD…]. Now I’m more focused on 244 because I only know bits and pieces about him now. I’m still learning to know more about him and KinKi Kids.

Okay, here’s the actual story. I know him after I watched Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo. He’s not actually a good looking guy TBH, but somehow he seems like an interesting person to me. After I read his profile on Wikipedia, I started searching his videos on Youtube, watching Domoto Kyoudai & other variety shows he’s been to. And then I know that he’s extremely talented, not only acting wise but also musically talented. He has his own solo project and also composed and wrote all songs on his solo project. Not only that, KinKi Kids has made it through Guinness World Record for having the record of the most number of consecutive number-one singles since their debut single [I just copy & paste that sentence from Wikipedia, since I can’t really remember what record they’ve set LOL XD…]. At first, I wanted to know about him merely because of my curiosity, but after knowing him more I’m thinking “This is it! He’s my new bias now.” I’m becoming one of his fans now. Though he’s not my ideal type, but I love his eyes. They’re so pretty. I fall in love with his eyes… (more…)


Actually, i have been thinking about this for a long time since i saw anti-fans’ videos for Kpop groups.

I want to get inside of those anti-fans’ brains for once. What the hell were they thinking??

If they hate the artist, shouldn’t they just ignore the artist? Just don’t listen to their songs, don’t watch their performances, don’t buy their albums.

But they did the opposite. Why wasting time for creating anti-fan clubs, making forums for the artists, making a video parody about the artists, photoshopping  the artists’ face?

What they did are gonna make the artists even more famous, have they ever think of that?

Have they ever think that one of the reasons why an artist can be famous is because of controversies? And anti-fans are part of the controversy itself.

Now i see that anti-fans are actually over obsessive fans.

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Wow, i can’t believe it’s 2010 already, time’s definitely moving so fast.

This year resolutions are (more…)

[I know this is old, but i’m gonna post it anyway]

The cast of Korea’s favorite TV show, MBC Infinity Challenge, filmed on New York city not too long ago. The “challenge” was to spread the love of Korean food to New Yorkers by approaching and engaging pedestrians in a one to one conversation, which was somewhat successful. This special episode in the Big Apple was aired over the weekend – however, not everyone was satisfied. (more…)

goodbye oppa band

The last episode of Oppa Band…

When i watch the show, i thought it’s gonna be fine.

The atmosphere was alright, everybody’s okay,

so nothing to be sad of.

But, on the end of their concert…

Their video messages, their last song…

Seeing them cried, made me teared up also.

I still can’t believe that the show is over now.

It probably wasn’t the funniest show ever, but it’s still the best show for me.

So, there will be no Oppa Band anymore.

There will be no waiting-for-someone-to-upload-Oppa Band anymore.

It sucks, but that’s the reality we have to deal with.

Goodbye Oppa Band,

thanks for cheering me up during this last 19 weeks.

Oppa Band fighting!


I guess I’m done now…

I don’t want to leave comments regarding Kangin again.

I’m not even his fan, so i think i won’t intervene on Kangin issues again from now on.

What I’ve done was enough, his issues already gave me a headache.

I was disappointed once, but now I’ve forgive him.

I wish other people & his victims forgive him too.

I hope this won’t make SuJu apart, but to make them even stronger.

Now i believe what ELFs said, SuJu only 13.

SuJu fighting!

I read for allkpop that Oppa Band is in danger of getting cancelled due to it’s low rating.

It made me sad to hear that Oppa Band probably will end sooner than i thought it would be…