Last week was quite hectic for me, since it’s the beginning of a month. For a week, I always come home late, it’s kinda drain my energy. But since I’ve been going through all of it for 10 months already, I’m getting used to it now. It’s tiring, but I have to deal with it.

Okay, enough about my job [I honestly hate talking about it, even with my mom]. So I watched the rest of To Heart episodes and I like what I saw. Well, it’s not actually a superb dorama, it’s a simple dorama with a happy ending and great acting. Fukakyon acted very well in this dorama. She acted convincingly as a stalker girl. I think this kind of character suits her. And this is what I like the most from this dorama which is… DoTs!! I love his acting plus he looks hot in this dorama [especially when he’s topless ;P]. No wonder he won best actor for this, he totally deserved it.

So that’s the good thing about this dorama, but the bad thing is [not exactly a bad thing, but IDK…] less kissing scene. There’s almost no kissing scene in this dorama, I don’t know whether because DoTs is an idol so they trying to blur the kissing scene or something. I don’t expect a love scene, I just want a decent kissing scene coz’ I’ve never seen a decent kissing scene from DoTs doramas before. But from what I saw [from his doramas], I don’t think he’s a good kisser [LOL… perverted me].

I feel like my mission to watch To Heart have accomplished now, feels great about it. Now, I’m planning to watch Gakkou no sensei, I’ve downloaded 2 episodes now but to download the rest episodes will be a struggle for me. Downloading from Megaupload is such a pain in the a**, don’t know why anybody wants to download files from it. Yesterday I spent 7 painful hours just to download 1 part of 2 parts for the 2nd GNS episode, and 1 part is about 350 MB. If MU can support IDM without being a premium member, my life would be so much better [Yeah, keep dreaming, as if it’s actually gonna happen -___-‘]. I hope my plan will run smoothly again this time, so I can accomplish my mission to watch all DoTs doramas. Now that I’ve watched 3 DoTs doramas, I still have a long way to go. I think after I finish GNS, I will try to download Yume No California. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but since there’s DoTs in it I will watch it. But from all of his doramas, what I want to watch the most is Wakaba no koro, since both DoTs & Ko-chan in it. I want to see Ko-chan’s acting coz’ I haven’t seen his doramas before. The thing is, WNK is hard to find. The one I found with sub is only until 3rd episode, I hate it if I have to stop at 3rd episode, it will leave me hanging and it’s better not to watch it at all. So I don’t think I will download it until I found the rest episodes with sub. Well, I guess that’s all for today. I’m at the office right now. I don’t want to get caught with my boss, so I wrote this secretly.


P.S.: My mom’s keep asking me to get a boyfriend, and I keep saying that I haven’t met anyone I love yet. Which part of it can’t she understand??


It’s been a while now. I haven’t update this blog since the beginning of 2010. What, the beginning of 2010? Wow, that’s like 10 months ago. I didn’t even realize that time has flown so fast.

A lot of interesting things happened in my life this last 10 months. I remember I wrote about my new year’s wish which was getting a “real” job. Alhamdulillah, I finally got what I want. I got accepted in a big Japan company (though the salary is not that “big”), but yeah I’m still thankful for that. Even though I’m happy that I finally earn my own money and all, but there are times that I feel extremely tired and bored with my job. Not that I feel ungrateful with my life, it’s just that there are ups and downs in our life, and I think it’s normal.

I have a new bias…He’s not cute or handsome, but something about this man that’s so unique. He has an extraordinary character, which makes him stands out. He has a weird personality like Heechul. He can draw, he has a bizarre fashion sense and he’s witty just like Heechul. Moreover he has the same AB type of blood with Heechul. He can be dorky, weird, gloomy yet poetic. One more thing… He is talented. God, funny and talented guys sure can melt my heart. He’s part of KinKi Kids, he is 244. I don’t know why, but somehow I can’t have 2 biases at the same time. I feel guilty for Minnie because I kind of neglected [?] him lately [LOL XD…]. Now I’m more focused on 244 because I only know bits and pieces about him now. I’m still learning to know more about him and KinKi Kids.

Okay, here’s the actual story. I know him after I watched Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo. He’s not actually a good looking guy TBH, but somehow he seems like an interesting person to me. After I read his profile on Wikipedia, I started searching his videos on Youtube, watching Domoto Kyoudai & other variety shows he’s been to. And then I know that he’s extremely talented, not only acting wise but also musically talented. He has his own solo project and also composed and wrote all songs on his solo project. Not only that, KinKi Kids has made it through Guinness World Record for having the record of the most number of consecutive number-one singles since their debut single [I just copy & paste that sentence from Wikipedia, since I can’t really remember what record they’ve set LOL XD…]. At first, I wanted to know about him merely because of my curiosity, but after knowing him more I’m thinking “This is it! He’s my new bias now.” I’m becoming one of his fans now. Though he’s not my ideal type, but I love his eyes. They’re so pretty. I fall in love with his eyes… (more…)