Tonight is new year’s eve, looking back and thinking what i’ve done in the past 12 months made me realize that i haven’t really achieve anything this year. I doubt that i had achieve anything big in my life before. My life hasn’t changed a bit these past few years [at least that’s what i feel]. Well, i got a job but i don’t think that it has change my life. Have i matured yet? Have i found what i wanted yet? Have i satisfied with my life yet? The answer is NO. I don’t think i’ve matured as an adult, i haven’t found what i’ve been looking for [I don’t even know what it is that i wanted] and I haven’t satisfied with my life yet.

“Stop being so pessimistic & stop being so simple minded” is what i want to say to myself. I want to live earnestly and positively. And the most important thing is, grateful for what i’ve got. I feel that i’m so ungrateful in everything that i’ve got. I hope i can change that, so i can become a better person. I guess that’s my new year’s resolutions.

P.S.: Happy birthday Sungmin & Ko-chan!

To Sungmin: I hope you’ll stay healthy & be more successful

To Ko-chan: I hope you’ll be more successful than you already are now & found your half one [besides Tsuyo…LOL].